Making conversions harmonic.

While the idea of converting dozens, if not hundreds, of hospital staff and their pagers to a new system may seem to be a daunting task, Critical Alert’s experience and expertise shows that the right plan executed by the right people can make the transition virtually seamless.

How we do it

The key is having constant communication with you and your staff, backed by the experience and expertise of a Critical Alert team that knows how to navigate the process in a way that maintains the uninterrupted consistency of your overall operations, as well as your paging system.

We start the process by customizing your master database to document your pager information. Once all the pre-conversion work is completed here at the office, we bring a full team of Conversion Specialists to your site, stay on top of communicating what is going to happen when and take full ownership of the process, doing whatever it takes to support your operations during the transition.

To get started or just to learn more about our conversion process, give us a call. We’ll help you start planning for the cost savings and reliability.